Carly Russell used the Internet before she went missing.

The police there were saying that the woman, who had gone missing for two days a few days before the incident, had searched online for local bus tickets and information about an action film about the abduction before she went missing.

This was one of several references shared by senior officials at a press conference on Wednesday afternoon, where they provided a full picture of what happened in a shocking incident that distracted the country's attention.

Carly Russell, a 25-year-old nursing student, went missing after calling 911 on Thursday to inform police about her brother's girlfriend seeing a child wandering alone on the side of the road.

But the police say they still have no evidence of any missing children,

When police arrived at the scene after the local police called 911, they found Russell's car along with her personal items, including her hair wig, purse, and cellphone—but Russell had no address.

But on Saturday, about 49 hours after he went missing, Russell returned home.

According to Nick Derzis, the chief of police, Russell returned to the police after informing detectives that she had been abducted and that she had been held hostage by the two men until she was able to escape.

But Derzis provided other information that raised suspicions about Russell, saying that investigators had not yet been given permission to interview him.

Derzis told her, "The question is not over yet. There are many more questions to be answered, but only Carly can give that answer." The police there say that "Our point is that we have been unable to verify the initial statements given by Carly to the investigators, and we have no reason to believe that there is any harm to public safety from this particular case."

Russell used the Internet to do searches related to the Curry kidnapping before she went missing.

Two days before her disappearance, on July 11, Russell accessed her cell phone with the idea of finding out if you would have to pay for an Amber Alert.

On the day Russell went missing, she found information about a bus station in Birmingham, which is about 10 miles from Hoover. She also found one-way bus tickets from Birmingham to Nashville.

"It's very unusual when, eight to seven hours before someone is abducted, they're looking for information on the Internet," said Officer Dergis, "I find it very strange." "

Investigators also uncovered other Internet searches that corroborate Russell's mental state, but the police are not releasing Russell out of respect for his inner voice. She has also done two internet searches on the computer with the amber alert on.

Additionally, investigators also used cell phone records to determine that Russell had driven 600 yards on the highway while speaking to the operator on the 911 call.

"Russell said it, and I'm not even saying it's impossible, I never did," Derzis said. "To think that a child—barefoot, three or four years old—is going to travel six football fields without crying, without coming out on the street… I find it hard to believe."

Police there have given more details about what happened before Russell went missing.

As of late Tuesday, authorities issued a statement saying Russell had purchased snacks at the scene shortly before he went missing, but those snacks were not found with other items.

Dergis also said, during the press conference, that, prior to her disappearance, Russell had left at her place a dark-colored bathrobe, a roll of toilet paper—neither of which were present at the scene.

At the press conference, officers also played a recorded 911 call of Russell's, in which she mentions seeing a white male child in a diaper.

Police said surveillance video from Russell's neighborhood showed her walking alone on the sidewalk before returning home Saturday.

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